Dragon Materials

Material Science and Engineering

Dragon Materials, LLC, is a contract research laboratory bringing decades of experience in research, consulting, training, and education in the field of soft matter analysis. Our breadth of knowledge in rheology and transport phenomena is coupled with flow field analysis to help our clients find practical solutions that work. We will be able to determine the specific characteristics of each unique material you bring to us, and how those materials will behave in various physical applications. We take analysis a step further by partnering with our client to troubleshoot their existing processes and equipment, provide solutions that improve product performance, and assist with design and machinery acquisition.

Our combined expertise in the fields of material science and engineering led to the founding of Dragon Materials in 2017, and we have been continuing to prove ourselves as a viable industry leader in rheological characterization and transport phenomena consulting. Our active research group ensures you are receiving the most current, up-to-date testing methodology using state-of-the-art instrumentation.

When you’re ready to take the next step understanding the properties of your materials – whether they are liquids, polymers, foams/gels/surfactants, colloids, liquid crystals, biological, etc. – we will ensure you are satisfied with the research done, understand the implications of the material characteristics, and provide any training necessary to understand how it will apply to the intended end-goal.

As both a contract research laboratory and a consulting company, Dragon Materials provides a variety of services to help our clients solve their materials science and engineering problems. We have categorized these efforts into three general areas: materials characterization, process consultation, and onsite training. The links below provide additional information into these areas. You are welcome to a dialog on how we can help you solve your materials problems by simply contacting us via email or by requesting a quote.

Travis W. Walker


Willie E. "Skip" Rochefort

Technical Advisor

Katrina J. Donovan

Research Scientist

Consultation: Thorough characterization is key in determining material behavior, but data and plots only go so far. We make your characterization impactful by assisting with process and equipment improvements, lab-scale experimental design, safety protocol and standard operating procedure (SOP) development, and flow field analysis.

Onsite Training: Dragon Materials is well positioned to provide quality educational opportunities for various sizes of businesses in the form of webinars, Q&A sessions, seminars, short courses, and complete transport phenomena curriculum. Members of Dragon Materials share over 30 years of combined experience as faculty in chemical engineering and materials science.

We can determine how materials react to mechanical and thermal stress, how production and/or packaging processes could be causing product failures, and how your products could be marketed to other services/industries based on material properties and characteristics.